Please note that terms are conditional to each individual job and my not all apply.

All invoices include a life time warranty of all work and a three year manufactures warranty on all parts and any mechanical pumps installed. Dehumidifiers come with a one year manufactures warranty. A designated outlet needs to be installed by a licensed electrician for use of sump pump or dehumidifier at homeowners expense if one is not provided. Work area must be cleared a minimum of 4 feet for work installation. If outdoor line markings are not marked before start date and scope of work includes outdoor digging, job may be rescheduled. Wet Seal will replace any plant life removed but is not responsible for plant growth failure. Once concrete is set, it is the homeowners responsibility to protect completed surface from any traffic or weathering before concrete is dry. Contractor will cut finished walls as necessary to install system properly. Homeowner to restore walls.


All interior systems are fully warrantied against any seepage due to storm water run off or hydrostatic pressure. We do recommend all systems be regularly checked by a licensed professional. This includes flushing the system at least once a year to insure no clogging has taken place and all mechanics are maintained and working properly. A service fee will be charged if homeowner wishes to preform service inspections annually. If for any reason system is punctured by any nail, screws or sharp objects due to build back or for any other reason, this may void warranty. It is imperative that concrete above system not be disturbed. All build back or new construction material such as, bottom plate of studded wall, can be adhered by liquid nail or adhesive. Any nail or puncture into floor, concrete and wall can result in disrupting the system and voids warranty. Wet Seal is not responsible for any downspouts that have been clogged by any trash or derbies due to homeowners negligence of not cleaning gutters. This also includes drainage pipes that have been clogged by silt or roots and over time erosion. Any additional work or work that is not charged for holds no warranty.

Mold treatment will eliminate any effective area immediately and is used as a preventative but is not subject to prevent any possible future bacterial growth. Wet Seal is licensed as a skilled trade but is not a licensed mold expert. Any serious questions or concerns pertaining to mold need to be presented to a mold remediation company. We do not warranty against any mold treatment.

Please Advise

If for any reason contractor feels it to be unsafe to preform work due to insects, bugs or any other harmful rodents in crawl space, it is the homeowners responsibility to take the necessary actions to exterminate such issues.  Any balance due must be paid once job is complete, on completion day. We accept payment methods of Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. A charge of 2.75% will automatically be added to contract price for processing of all credit card payments. It is the homeowners responsibility to be home at time of completion for job inspection and payment. If for any reason payment is not made upon completion day, an additional 30% charge will be added and a two hundred dollar charge each additional day until payment is made. For this reason we do not offer financing.

Future Notice
Warranty applies to area in which work is preformed only. If any future leaks occur in other defective areas, other than location of installation, this will be considered a separate issue and could result to an additional or separate charge.

Sump pumps are required if grade level outside are higher than floor level inside to pump out any water entering into lower levels. If for any reason the technician sees fit that sump pump be eliminated due to the proper grade level, a gravity exit line may be installed. In no way does this change affect contract price agreement.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Contractor warrants that, for life of the structure, the VaporBright liner will be free from holes and tears. The warranty does not include damage to the liner caused by abuse. A VaporBright crawlspace encapsulation system will be applied isolating dirt from home. This system does not claim to prevent mold. VaporBright, when installed with a crawlspace drainage system, is warranted for the life of the structure to be free from ground water on top of the liner. It is recommended that any crawlspace have a drainage system to prevent any storm water seepage. Warranty against groundwater does not  apply if there is no drainage system installed under the VaporBright liner.

Carbon Fiber Straps

Contractor warrants that the carbon fiber straps will stop further inward movement of the walls. But will not prevent foundation movement or settlement. Carbon fiber straps are only meant to stabilize the affected walls and not straighten them. Fortress stabilization systems manufactures a limited lifetime product warranty. Homeowner will be given a warranty mail in form to be received by fortress stabilization systems. It is the homeowners responsibility to insure all information is filled out and mailed in to obtain warranty. Exclusions: Failure due to acts of nature, including but not limited to; earthquake, flood, fire, etc. or collision by equipment or vehicle. This warranty covers the quality of Fortress carbon Kevlar grid strap components. Fortress certified is not an acting agent of Fortress Stabilization Systems. If a warranty issue should arise contact installer and Fortress Stabilization Systems at (800) 207-6204.

Exterior Waterproofing carries a one year warranty. Exterior drainage,  and downspouts carry no warranty. Although exterior drainage and downspouts may prevent any water from entering into basements and foundations but does not warranty against it.

Exclusions From Warranty

Contractor is not liable for and does not warranty against: Exterior waterproofing; Downspouts; Exterior drainage; Concrete discoloration or efflorescence; Water damage to property before and after system installation including floor coverings, furniture, personal property, stored items, finished walls, and all other objects. Any damage caused by mold weather it be property damage, personal injury, or health issues.

Support Posts

Contractor warrants that support post will stabilize affected area against future settlement for life of the structure. Contractor does not warrant to lift floor to original position. Homeowner acknowledges that lifting can cause cosmetic damage to sheetrock and other parts of the home, contractor is in no way assumes any liability of such.


All personal items must be removed from the work area by the homeowner prior to the start date. In the event work areas have not been sufficiently prepared by work date, a trip charge of $200.00 will be assessed, contractor may offer to assist in the preparation at the rate of $30.00 per man hour.  Contractor assumes no liability for damage to items or property during this process.

Marking any private lines or cables, sprinkler system, gas lines etc. Contractor is in no way responsible for locating private lines. Customer assumes all responsibility for damages due to breakage of any hidden unmarked private lines. Contractor will avoid such damage and is his/her choice to fix damages if possible. Wet Seal Waterproofing will call to have all public utilities located. If the public lines are not marked correctly and damage is done to line during excavation, your local utility company is responsible for this repair.

Breaking of concrete and jackhammering will create dust. Although we try and keep dust down as much as possible and practice dust suppression techniques, the following preparations are required on homeowners part: Remove or cover anything you do not wish dust to consume. Cover furnace or close all vents, filters or ductwork. Shutting down all AC components during the time any dust related work is being preformed. This concludes all mandatory steps to ensuring all necessary precautions are taken before installation of any work.
Thank you
-Wet Seal Management